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Now you don't have to bend over backwards searching for a gift for your favorite Yogi. The gift grid below is full of great gift ideas and inspiration for yoga lovers of all types.

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Women's Custom Wind Pro® Hoody by Wild Things Gear ohm lotus symbol t shirt chain, om mani padme hum, mantra pendants Elegant Gold Lotus Flower Wood Stylish Floral iPhone 5 Case Blue and Faux Gold Leaf Lotus Flower iPhone 5 Covers Downward Facing Dog - yoga t-shirt Simple "Be Strong" Mug Yoga Infographic Poster Real Men Do Yoga T-shirt Yoga Man Tees Om Aum grey design for men T Shirts Core 26 Yoga Poster Funny Yoga Women's T-Shirt T-shirt Namaste Peace & Birds for Yoga Leggings keep calm and yoga on shirt OHM, OM Namaste Yoga Sage Hoodies YOGA Words MUG Wine Stress Yoga Pants Mugs Keep Calm and Love Yoga (customizable colors) Frosted Beer Mugs Om Meditation Relax & Breathe Apron CHAKRA diagram Yoga Meditation Peace NVN630 FUN Shirt Yoga Tree Balance Candy Jars Yoga Wrapping Paper Yoga positions spiritual gift wrapping paper Namaste Ceramic Dog Bowl Ganesh Omkara Yoga T-shirt Om Henna Symbol Wine Charms Set Teal Blue Lotus Flower Om Wine Charms Lotus Reflection Wine Bottle Boxes Colorful Lotus Logo with Yogi Wine Box Monogrammed Blooming Petals Tote bag Upward Facing Dog - yoga pose Key Chain Sanskrit Om Symbol Embroidered Hats Yoga Time Wristwatches OM Symbol Spirituality Embroidery Embroidered Baseball Cap Keep Calm and Yoga On (customize colors) Wrist Watch NAMASTE Trucker Hat Yoga Junkie funny tank Keep Calm and Yoga On Poster kundalini - 2010 as poster / canvas matsyendrasana - 2010 poster Go with the Flow lotus Flower Commuter Bag Yoga Tree of Life Balance Tshirts Back to the Beginning Yoga Mat Bumper Sticker Namaste Bumper Sticker
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